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What We Do

Site Inspection

Our team is made up of HR professionals, staffing industry experts, manufacturing supervisors, and finance experts who will conduct a personal site inspection to observe the duties associated with each job function category. Our “Plant Tour” checklist guides us through the arduous task of extracting all the information needed to form the framework of our recruiting and hiring process.

Recruiting Office

Our Recruiting Office Team will work diligently to fulfill your company needs and requirements. Our Recruiters will advertise, interview, perform background screenings, and test candidates per specified positions for job placement. By focusing on your needs we plan to decrease your labor costs, increase your profitability, and alleviate any frustrations by offering true staffing solutions!

Hiring Process

We provide a comprehensive interview and hiring process that is carefully structured to include pre-employment requirements. These requirements include a criminal history check, employment verification, drug screen, and a customized orientation process. Tailored orientation referendums are designed in a handbook form and executed with signature acknowledgements. Correct hiring and placement makes all the difference. Establishing a foundation to mirror your policies and procedures is designed around the specifics of your operation.

Onsite and Floor Supervision

Assemblix Human Resource Managers are equipped with compatible skill sets and knowledge to work collaboratively with your shift management personnel in the hiring, training, and scheduling processes as well as being skilled in conflict resolution and foundational developments for team growth and successes. The results include but are not limited to maintaining and exceeding quality standards, increased productivity, increased gross profit margins, and achieving an overall upward status through positive reinforcement and affirmations with all parties in the team environment.

How We Help Your Business

Retention and Turnover

Higher retention rates mean higher productivity and performance. Happy people are productive people. We offer strategic plans of action to troubleshoot and monitor absenteeism, tardiness, and terminations. These plans are managed by our Human Resource Team Account Representatives.

Markup Rate

Our markup rate is carefully structured and calculated to offer competitive pricing and services. We strive to provide the lowest rate and beat competitor markups. You can contact us for your free no obligation business analysis.

True Solutions

Our Professional Staff has decades of Human Resources, Operations, and Finance Experience that will work with you exclusively to build a new Staffing Team! Your policies are our policies! Implement an Onsite Management Staff to serve your scheduling needs today!


We can make a difference! Our team has been working to serve you since 2007. Together Everyone Achieves More! Join us today!

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